“The first time I came to Upright Physical Therapy, I was struck by the cleanliness of the facility and the friendliness of the staff. They made me feel like one of them and assured me that my therapy will be pain-free. Dr Tina is really experienced, she used her hands  to massage and mobilize my back. She gave me one-on-one treatment and taught me exercises to strengthen my back and tone my stomach muscles. I had constant back pain and could not walk more than 2 blocks without pain. Now I am pain-free and can walk up to 10 blocks without pain. Thank you Dr Tina.”  


“Before beginning physical therapy, I had limited range of motion in my right knee. I was unable to bend my knee and had difficulty climbing stairs. I was unable to get up from sitting without holding unto something to pull myself up. I was unable to walk without crutches because my muscles were too weak. Tina has helped me through the exercises needed to improve my muscles by strength training with weights, along with other therapy treatments. Now I can walk without crutches, climb stairs easily and resume most of my normal activities.”



“The movement in my ankles were very stiff and swollen before I started therapy. Now a few weeks later, I have great movement and I can walk longer. I go up and down stairs without support. I can see and feel the results after each session. Tina is the best thing that could have happened to me after my accident.”


When I came to Upright Physical Therapy, I was using 3 Flexerils per day and could have used more. After 2 treatments, I was down to 1 per day, and have not used any since the 3rd treatment. I am able to sleep at night, and I’m not consumed with extreme pain. My pain level has decreased from 10 to 2 and sometimes none. I look forward to my treatments because I feel so good after receiving them.



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